Blueprints / C++

We are developing using the Unreal Engine 4, 

no matter if the logic has to be built based on blueprints or C++

Clean Code

Our code is well structured and commented to be comprehensible in the future, since this is one of the most important things when it comes to programming.

Efficient Logic

We are building logic in the most efficient way to save time, money and processing power during the runtime.

Object Oriented

For games nowadays a future-proof object oriented code is needed to give you the best possible results as well as optimal extensibility.

Full projects

Project Progress 100%

We can be your partner for developing your project from the start,
through to the first prototype up until the final release and even beyond that.



Multiplayer gaming is becoming a bigger and bigger focus in the industry. We can give you all you need to make your game multiplayer ready!


For proper networking your game needs a server-to-client replication of its contents. We can provide solid solutions that make your networking features work.


When it comes to multiplayer games the question about matchmaking comes up. There are multiple 3rd party services out there, but what if you want your own, custom system with special features? We can provide that!

API Communication

Wanna get the players geo location? Or exchange data with your webservice? No problem, we can build this API communication for you!


As soon as your game idea grows in size you need to think about storing data in a centralized database. No matter if it is a MySQL database or another database service, we are able to give you the needed solution.

Login Systems

When making online games you'll always need a login system. But how to build a safe and technically up-to-date solution? Let us assist with that!

We also DO VR!

Virtual Reality is gaining more and more publicity.
We are ready to develop your VR project and are experienced with the needed techniques.

Unreal Engine Plugins

Extended Functionality

Sometimes custom plugins are needed for specific tasks. We develop Unreal Engine 4 plugins which exactly match your requirements!

Special Features

No matter if you need modular functions for special calculations or a reusable game feature you wanna share across multiple projects, you name it, we create it!


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