We are not only offering our work based on specific customer requests. 
On various marketplaces, like the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace, we are offering asset packs, plugins, models and more. Below you can find all the products, make sure you check them out and leave us feedback in case you already own one of them 🙂

Survival Asset Pack

The included assets are designed to get you started with your survival game. It contains everything you need to be well prepared for your level design.

We know the pain of using badly prepared assets, and thats why this package also includes 7 Blueprints to improve the usage of our assets. Enable/disable particle effects and lights with one click, so you have more time for the more important things. 

Matchmaking Server

Self-hosted matchmaking solution which makes it possible to match players together and start/stop match servers in the background to flexibly host the matches, without the need of 3rd party services like Steam or Gamesparks.

Menu UI Framework

Using the framework, you don’t have to build your own widgets, link them, write blueprint logic to make them alive and so on. You just check a few boxes and punch in numbers into a data table. Then the full menu gets generated automatically. This way you can simply add an additional menu page within 1 minute, for example. This new page integrates seamlessly into the existing style. And that with zero efforts.
The framework comes with the 4 demo menus to get you started faster and give you a few usage examples.

Scalability Settings

This UMG widget gives the player the opportunity to change the scalability settings to his needs. All settings in the UMG widget are built based on a DataTable. This gives endless possibilities to change the widget with easy steps.

Model Viewer

This model viewer gives the opportunity to simply add a character/item viewer through UMG widget to the game, known from plenty MMOs, survival games and so on.

The integration is pretty simple and doesn’t need much setup. It’s prepared to use 2 model viewers simultaneously like for a character and for an item viewer.


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