Outdoor Level Design

We can bring your imagination to life, no matter if it’s a city or a natural environment.
You name it, we create it!

Indoor Level Design

Need hidden spots? Special lighting? High quality scenes? 
You name it, we create it!

What we can do for you

Level Design

Level design is one of the core parts when making a game. No matter how cool the idea behind a game is, without great levels the game wont be fun in the end. We therefore do indoor as well as outdoor levels to make your game a success!

Scripted Stories

To make your static level really feel alive we can add scripted stories. No matter if it's just the blacksmith forging something and doing his daily work, or if it's a whole storyline which then gets integrated into your quests.


Has the player found a hidden chest? Or encountered one of the big boss enemies? Then you need a cinematic sequence to make this experience unique to him!


Not only is a classic level design important, but additionally a natural environment is needed when it comes to outdoor levels. We can build beautiful nature scenes to make your level stand out!

Level Composition

The bigger your game's maps are getting the more powerful hardware is needed to play them. Thanks to level compositing we are able to split up big levels into chunks and load/unload them on runtime to keep a good performance.

Day / Night System

Dynamic day / night systems are especially interesting for open world games. They make your game feel alive and more real. We can build them, linked to in-game times or real-time to make your game super dynamic!


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