Let your imagination become 3D

Modelling & Texturing


Whether we're talking about static props or characters, we can create all the assets you need at the highest level of quality and still keep the polycount as low as possible.


For the texturing process we are using various professional tools to give you the best possible result based on PBR materials.


Character Rigging

We are able to give your game characters a proper rigging, no matter if it is a normal human or some special human like model.

Special Bones

Your character has a pony-tail? A bag which should be animated? No problem, we can prepare all this for getting animated or simulated by physics.

Non Human Rigging

Besides human characters there are often many other cases where rigging is needed. No matter if this is for an animal or for a static object which should be animated.

Unreal Engine Ready


We are able to provide properly rigged human characters, so they are usable inside the Unreal Engine 4 with all marketplace animations, without the need for retargeting!


When creating custom models, we are not only providing a fbx-file. We also do the proper material setup inside the Unreal Engine to give you the needed render result.

APEX Clothing

Wanna do a simulated cloth, like a hero cape or a skirt? Then we can provide models with a properly set up clothing simulation, so your game stands out with a maximum of dynamic.

Character 3D Game Art in Front View
Character 3D Game Art in Back View


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